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Digital Marketing – We generate qualified leads and sales for businesses through advanced digital marketing strategies. The Median Digital marketing agency is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and operates entirely online with a tight team and no office

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Marketing Goals

What Is Your Digital Marketing Goal?

We are industry innovators in Marketing in Edinburgh and beyond, and can accommodate an array of needs. At Median Digital we do a few select things and we do them very well. Two services to be specific – digital advertising and SEO. This is because we know it’s far better to specialize in a few things to a very high level than to be mediocre at 100 things. If you have a heart attack, are you hoping for the GP, or instead the heart surgeon? If we feel a business doesn’t need one of these two services, no problem – we tell them and go our separate ways.  If your business IS a good fit however, then you’re in luck. Here’s what we can do for you

Get More Leads

Want more leads and enquiries? We are lead generation and sale funnel specialists. 

Increase Revenue

We will help you reach the revenue you deserve by getting the right customers who are ready to pay.

Get Discovered

We are experts in creating a brand around your business and making you an industry leader.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Social Media Advertising

We will make your business stand out from the rest, driving innovative campaigns to engage the right audience.

There are millions of potential customers on social media every day. We will make sure you get the reach you need in order to grow your business.

With our full service ROI-based social media marketing strategies, we allow businesses to rapidly increase their revenue while simultaneously boosting social media presence. We tailor each and every social media marketing strategy to fit the needs and goals of the client. We will ensure to work with you to reach your goals and objectives.


Google Adverts

We at Median Digital can rapidly scale up businesses using Google Ads’ most up to date methods. We will research keywords and CPC (cost per click) to produce highly converting campaigns. 

Before setting up an Ad campaign with Google Ads, we ensure extensive research is undertaken to find the perfect target audience, and we use this data to plan out each campaign accordingly. Using this research, we can build and grow relevant campaigns to bring highly targeted, visitors to your website or a landing page who are actively looking for the service you provide.


Digital Marketing Agency


Search Engine Optimisation

Ultimate online visibility and exposure awaits you with the right search engine marketing solutions. At Median Digital we are an SEO agency that will create the ultimate strategy for your situation, giving you the biggest chance to rank above your competitors in search engines.

Our full service SEO strategy ensures your website ranks far higher in search results, exposing your website to more potential customers and in turn, ensuring ROI.

Marketing Scotland

What Our Customers Say

Marketing Scotland

Jamie Dryden (Proud Of My Pixels)

“I contacted Leon from Median Digital about his offer – very knowledgeable and helped me greatly! I highly recommend reaching out to him if you’re after more customers for your business, or even just to learn more about digital advertising.”

Median Digital Marketing Scotland

Mike Roberts (Frama UK)

“The results were brilliant, and if anyone was to ask me who I would recommend for Facebook ads – absolutely Leon Morris, all day long.”

Digital Marketing Edinburgh

Nurjan Abdulla (Candy Land Packaging)

“Extremely helpful and takes the time to check your sites, and advises you on how best to improve. Very to the point and easy to understand, and gets back to you so quickly. Would definitely recommend”

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FAQ – Digital Marketing

What Do Your Digital Marketing Services include?

Digital marketing is a term covering a broad range of techniques. It acts as an umbrella for several services. To simplify it, digital marketing is the goal of online marketing efforts—this involves the use of mediums like the internet, search engines, emails and social media marketing. Similar to traditional marketing, digital marketing agency has the main objective to create captivating strategies that ensure a brand’s target audience is captured and engaged

What Exactly is a Digital Marketing Agency or Digital Content agency?

We believe the role of a digital marketing agency depends on the needs, desires, and goals of the business. We always take a client-focused approach with our work and we take time to properly understand each client’s business, needs, and overall goal. Our team work hard to provide data driven results

What Can Digital Marketing Experts Bring to My Business?

Digital marketing experts or agency, like the team here at Median Digital, will bring comprehensive and data driven campaigns to your business. Our marketing knowledge including up-to-date technology awhich allow us to achieve all of our clients goals. In turn this will increase the right kinds of traffic, which will increase the volume of qualified leads coming to your business. We will ensure to create brand awareness, and target the perfect audience for each client’s business. We ensure great marketing communications are carried on through each marketing campaign and provide the best digital marketing in Edinburgh

How Important Are Things Like Social Media Management, PPC, advertising and SEO to my Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing strategy is a broad term that is an umbrella for lots of strategies— such as social media management, Content Marketing, online advertising, paid search strategy, SEO (search engine optimisation), SEM (search engine marketing), and social media managment services. These are all different aspects of digital marketing. By utilising some of these branches into your strategy with the help of an agency like Median Digital you can drive your business forward, grow your audience, and increase your ROI

How To Find the Best Digital Marketing Agency Near Me

Being honest, there are multiple great digital marketing agencies in Edinburgh, great digital content agencies in Scotland and great Facebook freelancers in Luxembourg… the ‘best digital marketing agency’ is whichever one best accommodates your specific needs and goals. We recommend talking with a handful of agencies, asking to see some previous results and testimonials, asking all the difficult questions, and then going with your gut feeling. If another agency is better for your specific needs, it would be better for us if you went with them! We want to build lasting relationships with our clients, and that’s achieved by providing them with great results instead of good ones. This is one of the reasons why all our clients love us!

Why Choose us for Digital Marketing?


Whether you come to our agency for SEO, SMM, PPC or just a bit of helpful advice, we always use a proactive approach, conducting in-depth research, focusing on the client’s goals and using our extensive experience. This allows us to choose the best ways to achieve all of your goals. Median Digital‘s clients consistently see increased brand awareness, recognition, successful advertising campaigns and a pipeline full of leads through our innovative marketing approach. Our team are results focused and celebrate our clients wins as if they were our own. Our agency is based Edinburgh but our team works remotely and can service a service based business all over the globe, from the UK to New Zealand.

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