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We help financial professionals to generate 5-10+ appointments of high quality appointments/week, completely on Autopilot. Let’s work out if you’re lucky enough to be our next client.  ;) Details below

Digital Marketing Consultation

There are 3 steps between your current position to your business goals



Secure your “zero obligation” strategic consultation. Our Director Leon will start by listening to you and seeing if it makes sense to work together. If so, we’ll tailor a fully customised marketing strategy designed to overcome the challenges you face, while breaking through your goals,



We will walk you through this custom-made growth plan, designed specifically to break through the bottlenecks you’re facing right now. Without any obligations or pressure, you’ll be free to examine the strategy and ask any questions. You’re welcome to run away and try the strategy yourself,



If it makes sense to partner with us to break through your revenue goals, we’ll spring into action – while providing our renowned customer service – ensuring you’re ready for the rapid growth your business is about to experience. Then, watch the appointments flood in when we launch it


Median Digital Marketing Scotland

Mike Roberts (Frama UK)

“The results were brilliant, and if anyone was to ask me who I would recommend for Facebook ads – absolutely Leon Morris, all day long.”

Marketing Scotland

Jamie Dryden (Proud Of My Pixels)

“I contacted Leon from Median Digital about his offer – very knowledgeable and helped me greatly! I highly recommend reaching out to him if you’re after more customers for your business, or even just to learn more about digital advertising.”

Digital Marketing Edinburgh

Nurjan Abdulla (Candy Land Packaging)

“Extremely helpful and takes the time to check your sites, and advises you on how best to improve. Very to the point and easy to understand, and gets back to you SO quickly. Would definitely recommend”

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