10 Ways to Generate Leads with Social Media

Many years have passed since the old days where phone salesmen called us daily to try and get more sales. Lead generation has drastically changed over the years but the goal remains the same. Therefore, it is vital to stay up to date with the latest trend to capture those leads.

What is social media lead generation?

This concept is about creating and using a distinct strategic marketing method designed to capture qualified leads but also taking into account the sales funnel process.

Sales leads in social media will help any business capture those interested in their product or service. In this day when everyone uses social media, it is vital to use this to your advantage and capture those leads. Additionally, leads act as a stepping stone to potential clients, this allows your business to make offers, and convert them into loyal customers. 

Before we get stuck in, though, it is necessary to define the different lead types a business can acquire.

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Types of Leads

Essentially, there are three lead types. As mentioned, a lead is a person or company you want to turn into a paying client. 

Cold Leads

Someone who is not prepared for making a purchase is a cold lead. They are just getting started in the research or learning process to figure out how to solve a problem or necessity. 

Warm Leads 

After the cold leads, we have the warm leads. These people have researched a bit more and have a few options about how to solve their problems, however they can’t be considered hot leads yet. These people are still evaluating different possibilities, pros, and cons, etc. They need a little help to get over the line.

Hot Leads

Finally, we have the hot leads – normally, this term refers to people who are prepared, willing to talk with a sales representative and spend their hard-earned money.

Now that you know the difference between each type, you should know that a “lead” is not the same as a sales opportunity. Some companies consider leads as people who keep in touch with the company’s commercial information and promotions. Hence, we’re used to the concept being used to refer to a person who is already interested in something.

That being said, there are multiple phases within the sales process, but we’re focusing right now on qualified leads. 

Qualified Leads, Marketing Qualified Leads, or MQLs are people who fit the buyer persona. They have already shown interest in purchasing a product or service and are in a more advanced sales cycle phase.

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So How Do You Generate Leads On Social Media?

  1. Run social media paid ads.

Running social media paid ads is beneficial for any business. Not only will you be in touch with the right audience, but you will also find other advantages such as boosted engagement and increasing your brand’s social media presence. As with everything though, you need to come up with a well-developed social media advertising strategy. 

Deciding to run social media paid ads implies that you and your team will capture enough information about your audience, acquire vital insights, and using them to make the ads as effective as possible. For these purposes, you have multiple tools, like AdEspresso.

2. Use social media to share valuable content. 

The content you share on your social media should meet with your audience’s interests and your business niche. It should be useful and valuable for them. The better it is, the greater your chances will be to generate leads.

Highlighting other people’s content can also be valuable, but you need to be picky and only choose the content your audience will enjoy.

3. Implement chatbots in your business

Instant messaging and bots have become hugely popular in the marketing niche. Many businesses have started to use them in one form or another. These tools allow you to connect with your customers virtually and automatically, which allows you to avoid the compromising overhead costs of a large customer support team.

It’s impossible to make a business succeed by asking clients to reach out to you. You have to do it yourself. According to reports, at least 89% of internet users have used facebook’s messenger platform.

4. Don’t wait for the leads to come for you. Find and attract them yourself.

You should use your social media outreach to identify, for example, businesses that may be interested in hiring your services. People often try to reach out to companies via groups and communities, such as Facebook Groups and even Instagram comments

5. Use the right call-to-action moves. 

It is necessary think “sales” on social media sometimes. Besides regular updates, posts, and engagement with your audience, you can also post content related to your services or products. Describe them, mention the benefits, and keep encouraging people to visit your website and explore your different offers.

6. It’s a good idea to add a contact form to your Facebook page.

A simple click can lead to fantastic results. These apps are available everywhere, and they’re easy-to-install. This form will be visible to your customers as they go down your Facebook feed at all times. It will be easy for them to be in direct contact with your company, and therefore, make purchases.

7. Do not overlook LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is a must for most businesses nowadays. Most people often overlook this social media platform, but it can give you fantastic results when used correctly. 

These profiles are designed to give detailed and relevant information about your company, its history and even link to the rest of your social websites. People you know can also give you recommendations so that your business shows credibility.

You can also use your relationships to build relationships with other people, and build out your network of prospects.

8. Build a community. 

If your business does not have a social media community, it is time to build it. They can be excellent tools to build and keep a connection with your customers, granting you visibility and reach. After a while, you’ll develop a community of loyal customers, helping you to keep your business alive in the long-term.

9. Run contests sporadically. 

Contests are easy to run once you’ve built a community. Contests are a great way of generating more leads and building a good reputation at the same time. The participants will often share their good experiences with other people.

10. Social media influencers are there for something.

Influencers have an excellent social media outreach. It isn’t strange for businesses to get in contact with them to promote their products. According to research, at least forty percent of Twitter users felt bound to complete a purchase after one of their influencers tweeted something about that particular product.

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